Why Cybersecurity is One of the Most Essential Managed Services

managed services MilwaukeeManaged services in Milwaukee can do a lot to help you secure your business against cyberattacks, and if you haven’t looked into this, you should seriously consider it. Cybercriminals attack all kinds of businesses, large and small. As a matter of fact, there is some incentive to attack SMBs, as they’re less likely to be properly secured against cyberattacks, and more likely to pay a ransom or tender some other sought-after information.

Conducting a vulnerability check can be a game-changer and may be a necessary action if you’re not sure where you stand in terms of security. The two most common types of attacks include:

  • Active
  • Passive

Active Attacks

Managed services providers in Milwaukee are often going to give you your best shot at sustaining an active attack. Internal techs can likely do a good job, but you’re also likely going to have them involved with varying operational requirements. They’re going to be troubleshooting, upgrading, and acquiring equipment as well as software. Meanwhile, outsourced protection can be fundamental in protecting you from several well-known active attacks, including:

  • DDoS
  • Spoofed emails
  • Modification of messages
  • Traditional viruses and malware

DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Service. A very famous attack of this kind took place in the fourth quarter of 2016. Basically, some third-party apps were distributed throughout many smartphones all up and down the east coast. When the proper saturation was reached, the cybercriminals shut down several big-ticket organizations by bombing them with access requests. It basically knocked out the east coast in terms of some fundamental internet needs.

Spoofed emails seem to be from someone you know but have been sent by a cybercriminal. Modification of messages in-transit is also a means by which funds are stolen, and cybercriminals prosper. Finally, plain old viruses and malware constitute some of the most common active attacks out there.

Passive Attacks

Passive attacks are more pernicious and insidious than active ones. These attacks are subtle, and often simply involve things like:

  • Analysis of traffic
  • Digital eavesdropping
  • Scanning of networks

Hackers will keep an eye on the traffic patterns of your network to determine who goes where, how, why, and when. They’ll also eavesdrop on whatever non-encrypted communications they can. This can occur in the non-digital sense as well, but if that’s happening, you’re likely experiencing something akin to corporate espionage. Still, especially in terms of technology, this isn’t beyond the bounds of possibility. Scanning is when cybercriminals scan your network, its operating systems, its makeup, and anything else they can get information on.

All three of these things can be detected in varying ways by MSPs and safeguarded against where they can’t be perceived beforehand. Doing so internally requires almost a full-time commitment, but MSPs make such offerings their core prerogative. You don’t pay as much as you would internally, and you see much better results than you could.

Upgrading Your Security

Managed services in Milwaukee through Risetech Partners can help you tighten your cybersecurity protections, determine where weaknesses exist, and fortify against that which you didn’t know made you vulnerable. Contact us to see what kind of security solutions are available to you.