Using Managed IT to Help Overcome School Security Issues

Managed services providers in Milwaukee can help school districts maximize technology resources by assisting them in the prevention of common operational difficulties. These often develop from unaddressed vulnerabilities. There are a number of areas where you can expect to encounter tech issues in school settings. Designing defenses preemptively will help you avoid finding out where your vulnerabilities are the hard way. Following are several key areas that the right managed service provider (MSP) can help you safeguard from the start:

  • Proper staff education
  • Strategy for managing incidents
  • Avoidance of spurious vendor contracts
  • Design of data management protocols
  • Management of access

Properly Training Staff

Managed services providers in Milwaukee can help educate staff on proper security precautions regarding your school’s network. Surprisingly, many schools neglect this basic strategy. Staff need to be trained regularly and have access to training materials on a continual basis. Technology continues to transition, as do scams designed to undermine it. About every three months, there should be some kind of refresher.

Strategy for Managing Incidents

If students don’t manage to incidentally corrupt the network, perhaps some cybercriminal will. If that doesn’t happen, an accident could. There are many different areas of compromise that may potentially undermine even the best security. Once you’ve designed a security solution, you then must have an incident response plan in place to minimize associated damages. The right MSP can help you institute data preservation solutions, like data mirroring, which can essentially maintain network accessibility and utility on a “mirrored” cloud platform, even while the primary network is repaired.

Avoiding Spurious Vendor Contracts

Oftentimes, school districts will have contracts with varying vendors that don’t provide contractual protections for things like service levels. Working with an MSP can help a school find vendors that have reasonable contracts.

Designing Data Management Protocols

Another area where school districts commonly fail in terms of security is data management. Students, staff, and educators all have sensitive data with access that must be protected. Only those who have proper access credentials should be allowed access, and that access must be properly managed.

Management of Access

If a student profile remains active, years after they graduate, they could get onto the network, obtain sensitive information, and cause trouble. Access management is accordingly fundamental to a school’s security.

More Secure Operations

Managed services in Milwaukee from Risetech Partners can help ensure that your school district’s network has its vulnerabilities secured and those who use it are properly educated in the latest security strategies. To find out more about the best solutions for school districts and common security issues, contact us now!