Using Insurance and IT Support to Protect Against Cybercrime

Due to the steady rise in cybercrime, protecting your network with IT support in Milwaukee is now essential and should not be overlooked. A recent Verizon study found that 81% of security breaches are associated with stolen or weak passwords. Here are ways to beat hackers so that you can concentrate on improving your business:

Why IT Expertise Matters

An insurance policy alone isn’t going to save your business from a cyber attack, but it’s still a necessity. In addition, you need skilled IT support technicians in Milwaukee that can restore your network immediately in case your system is ever breached. That doesn’t mean anyone who generally understands IT, like a college student majoring in computer science. The internet has become infested with scammers, looking to steal information or wanting to cause havoc for the business community. Your IT team should have deep knowledge and experience in cybersecurity, which continues to become more complex.
Yet, the more complex cybersecurity solutions get, the more hackers find new ways to penetrate sophisticated systems. Billions of dollars in revenue have been lost in recent years to cybercriminals, which is often the result of bare minimum security or employee error. Hackers know that many businesses that use old systems aren’t conscious of cybersecurity and are, therefore, easy to disrupt. Once they know you’re on a dated system that doesn’t have security upgrades, they can target employees who probably aren’t trained to be aware of email phishing schemes.

Protecting Your Digital Assets

There are several ways to protect a network against intruders, such as firewalls, virtual servers, and continuous monitoring software. One of the most important proactive steps your business can take is to train employees to be careful when they click. Sometimes, all it takes is clicking one infected attachment to unleash malware on a system. Phishing schemes involve a hacker impersonating a trusted source and requesting the user to click something.

Internet Insurance Policies

Not all breach issues are covered by internet insurance policies. Since employee error is preventable, it’s often dismissed by insurance companies. However, they may ensure against human error, but at a higher cost. Premium costs are determined by the insurance agent studying the client’s cybersecurity policies. The stricter your policies, the more likely you’ll deal with lower premiums. In other words, your policies need to specify tight controls over user credentials.
Guarding against cybercrime is a job of an IT support provider in Milwaukee. Additionally, adopting strict cybersecurity policies will help keep your insurance premiums at a reasonable level. Contact us now at Risetech Partners to learn more about how we can make your network safer.