Managed IT: The Need for an IT Strategy in Every School

Every academic institution needs an IT strategy in conjunction with managed IT services providers in Milwaukee. No matter what size of school you run, from Montessori preschool to a large university with thousands of students from around the world, managing effective IT requires a strong strategy.

Some of this is to do with security and some of it is for cost-effective use of resources. However, an IT strategy is also about ensuring your institution is gaining the maximum benefit, for staff as well as students.

Why Do You Need a Strong IT Strategy?


Frankly, we have to start by considering the security implications. As an academic institution, you are entrusted with safeguarding the lives of your students. In most cases, students are children, so the requirements are increased further.

The information your school’s systems hold about the staff, students and even their families need to be kept secure. It is not just from outsiders, either. As with IT systems at any organization, access to personal data needs to be restricted to only those who have the right privileges.

Inappropriate content is another big consideration. Whether students use the school’s computers or access the internet on their own devices via Wi-Fi, your IT strategy needs to address how to control inappropriate content. It also needs to consider the potential for students to share and create inappropriate content.

It is not all doom and gloom, though. Your IT strategy can also leverage the power of IT systems to facilitate greater security outside of just your IT systems. Sophisticated modern access control, CCTV, and intruder monitoring systems are just some ways IT can strengthen security at your school or training facility.

Reduced Overheads

As with any organization, IT can help to reduce overheads by providing a range of business administration tools. These can include HR systems, accounting, billing, and infrastructure monitoring. Teaching materials can be published and distributed at virtually no cost. Powerful tools are available through managed IT services providers in Milwaukee.

We have already noted above the potential to leverage advanced security technology. Small investments in IT strategy can drive big savings in both capital expenditure and running costs.


Today’s technology makes communication more powerful than ever. Sure, it is great to have face-to-face talks, but the demands of today’s busy lives can make that difficult at times. Using everything from email to chat apps and Skype, faculty members— both administrators and teachers— can contact parents for both urgent and periodic talks.

Through anything from chat apps to dedicated forums, students can be offered ways to contact teachers and other students. Coaching, discussions, and even lessons can be provided via online channels.

Long-Distance Learning

Extending the communication theme above, we can consider opportunities for long-distance learning. Particularly in rural communities, schools can continue to provide education for students that might otherwise be deprived a quality education. Existing teaching resources can even be resourced and repackaged for distribution through online education partners. The number of platforms providing this facility is growing steadily.

Especially in combination with managed IT services Milwaukee, an IT strategy can drive powerful outcomes for students and schools. To learn about more benefits of an IT strategy, speak to Risetech Partners today.