Simple Security Tips for Stronger IT Support in Milwaukee

IT support MilwaukeeAs 2018 rolls on, we have entered another year of exciting IT. Ideally, that excitement should come only from fantastic success with the implementation and use of your IT. Unfortunately, the reality for IT support providers in Milwaukee is that some of the excitement will come from concerns about IT security. There are some simple steps you can take that go a long way in reducing the threat to your business systems and data.

Update Your Software

As the first IT security excitement of 2018 shows, it is extremely important to keep track of the state of all software and the operating systems that you use. It is even more important that all software be updated as soon as possible after the release of a new version.

Update Your Firmware & Drivers (It is Not Just Programs and OSs)

Applications (programs) and operating systems (OSs) are not the only pieces of software that need updating. Every piece of hardware inside or connected to your computers needs driver software installed. It is important to ensure drivers are updated when possible.

The firmware also needs to be up-to-date. Firmware is the low-level computer program code embedded in a piece of hardware. Firmware can be found on the computer motherboards (e.g. BIOS code), in hardware controllers for hard drives, inside printers and scanners, in smartphones and smartwatches, and in many of today’s cars. In particular, later releases of BIOS code can provide improved stability, interoperability, and security in desktop computers, laptops, and servers. So, make sure your firmware is updated.

System Survey (You have Done One Already, Right?)

In order to ensure smooth IT support in Milwaukee, you need a clear picture of your systems. Ideally, you have already undertaken a survey to establish what hardware, software, network configuration, backup regimes, etc., are in place.

From this survey, you will have a baseline of the state of your hardware and software. This will help drive your update regime. If you have not done this survey, get going on it ASAP.

Powerful Password Practice

Do not allow weak password practices. This applies to you and everyone in your organization. Passwords should be as long as possible and should include a mix of upper and lower-case letters, numbers, and symbols. Passwords should be kept secure and should never be shared. Never use the same password (or even minor variations) on more than one system. Change passwords every couple of months.

Lock Your Screens

Do not leave systems open and logged-in if they are unattended. Log out or use a lock screen. On a Windows computer, use Windows key + L to lock the screen.


Do not leave it to employees to learn safe security practices. Provide education and training. Implement configurations that enforce safe practices, such as forcing staff to change their passwords every two months.

These are just some of the top tips for easily upgrading your security with IT support providers in Milwaukee. There are many more, both simple and more sophisticated. Rather than wonder if you are doing everything you can, seek advice from IT professionals for peace of mind and superior security. At Risetech Partners, we can help you avoid unnecessary threats. Get in touch to find out how.