How to Prevent Security Breaches with IT Support in Milwaukee

IT support MilwaukeeBusinesses heavily rely on data for their operations. Sadly, cybercriminals are always looking for vulnerabilities in organizations’ corporate networks so that they can permeate the networks and steal data. There are many causes of security breaches and they include device loss or theft, stolen or weak credentials, outdated systems, and malware. As a business owner, you can address these challenges by following these security tips and enlisting the help of an IT support provider in Milwaukee:

  • You need to ensure that both your electronic and physical data is protected where it is stored. You can achieve this by securing your files and portable machines, locking down laptops and workstations, and shredding paper-based forms and files before disposing of them.
  • Make sure that your laptop is secured at all times. You should either lock the laptop securely or take it with you wherever you go.
  • Secure all portable devices. It is important to add an extra layer of security to protect portable devices and all other portable electronic media containing your company’s sensitive data. You can do this by investing in extra physical security and encrypting your files.
  • Delete all personal identity information when it is no longer needed. This will, in effect, reduce chances of losing sensitive data through theft.
  • Define who gets to access different types of data. By working with your IT support provider in Milwaukee, you can define authority and assign access credentials to those whose clearance level allows them to access your sensitive data.
  • Be careful how you transmit sensitive data. Avoid using open or public Wi-Fi when sending critical data from your corporate network. Don’t send any unencrypted sensitive data through emails. This can easily expose your system to hackers.
  • Use strong passwords. You need to ensure that the passwords you use to access your corporate network and the various accounts are cryptic. Make it a habit of changing your passwords every so often to ensure that they are not hacked. You should also change your passwords after every three months to ensure that your network stays.
  • Fix all patches and keep your software updated. It is important to ensure that all patches are fixed and software is updated to seal loopholes that hackers use to penetrate the corporate networks and launch attacks.

Dealing with all these will ensure that your corporate network is protected from hackers. At Technology Resource Advisors, we are an IT support provider in Milwaukee keen on helping clients to address their security concerns. Contact us to learn more.