Managed IT Increasingly Define Higher Education IT Provision

Managed services in Milwaukee are becoming more valuable to college campuses for many reasons. First, the higher education bubble just isn’t what it was. Fifty years ago, an institute of higher learning had resources to support development in information technology. Institutional IT departments had money backing them that allowed for innovation on-campus. While this is still the case in some colleges, it’s not the case with all of them.

Higher Education is in Transition

This is because many people are beginning to eschew higher education for trade schools, and for good reason: trade schools often offer a more realistic quotient of success for graduates. If you go to school to be a mechanic, you’ll likely get a job as soon as you’re done, and you can bounce around until you find the best shop that best fits your aspirations. You can’t say that about many other “professional” degrees. You might be able to get a job in chemistry or biology right out of the gate, and there are certainly technology vacancies out there; but unless you’re attending a school with advanced tech offerings, it’s just not likely that the technology at the school will match that of the market.

Cost Considerations

Managed services in Milwaukee can reduce expenses for institutions of higher learning looking to enjoy and apply the kind of technology that facilitates more expedited higher learning. Consider a campus of 2,000 students. There are three computer labs, a faculty network, and additional networks for other employees, as well. It wouldn’t be unreasonable to expect a server array 10 thick to be necessary somewhere on campus. Even one that only has five units is to be expected. Now if three computer labs have 60 computers, and there are another 20 devices on campus, that’s 200 end-user portals at an average cost of $1,000, in addition to at least five servers worth no less than $10,000 a piece – you’re at a cost of $250,000 in hardware alone. That’s before you provision for the 100 or so classes requiring access to various technologies on a regular basis.


With these things in mind, it is easy to imagine a tech team of 10 or more is necessary for the campus to function. However, corporate positions pay more, so the best techs are already employed. Even if you pay bottom dollar for each tech person and source some from student ranks, at $30,000 a year, that’s still $300,000 annually. Meanwhile, for a fraction of that cost, a university or college could engage cutting-edge, comprehensive technology support by outsourcing both IT staffing and equipment needs.

Better Tech Solutions Save Money

Higher learning must remain cutting-edge tech to provide the best education. Managed services in Milwaukee from Risetech Partners can save your campus money while increasing technological capability. Make the transition this summer and save hundreds of thousands of dollars. Contact us now for the latest in security, technology, and consultation support.