How IT Support in Milwaukee Can Increase Employee Productivity

IT support MilwaukeeIT support providers in Milwaukee can help you reduce operational expense, expand profit, and increase productivity. There are several ways this is done. First, consider the advantages to be had with a managed security solution, as opposed to an internal IT solution. If you are operating things internally, you’re basically running an entire IT department that costs hundreds of thousands annually, depending on the size of your business. If you’ve got two professional IT employees running your business’s internal systems, if you acquire them for less than $50k annually, you are getting a remarkable deal. Generally, a two-person department will cost you over $100k annually once benefits, hiring, training, and other associated costs are ironed out. Furthermore, they’ll have equipment costs themselves, and they won’t be able to properly address all troubleshooting issues in your company.

The Difficulty Internal Techs Face

Even if you’ve only got 20 total employees, two tech guys may not have enough free time to help them with issues, prompting you to outsource to a help desk anyway. You might as well have an MSP keep all your IT smoothly running and only hire internal people as means of focusing on core needs within your company. Some businesses outsource to the MSP, then reconfigure internal employees such that they are accordingly situated in areas of innovation rather than that “treading water” stage of troubleshooting.

Computational Power

Next, MSPs can help your business implement operational solutions, which comprehensively reduce costs. Imagine outsourcing 10 internal servers to the cloud. That’s going to save you tens of thousands of dollars annually and may even provide you greater computational ability. Cloud computing exponentially overcomes internal server arrays. Unless you can design a server array of 1.3 million or more servers, you’re likely to find better solutions in the cloud. So, using such a solution simultaneously gives you better tech and cuts tens of thousands of your costs. But you can take it even further. See, you can use a cloud network just like an internal one; only it can be accessed from wherever an employee happens to be–provided they have a secure connection and valid access protocols.

BYOD Considerations

This means if you’ve got an office of 100 employees, only 10 of which need to be at a stationary location, you can send the other 90 into a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) situation where they’re able to work from wherever it is convenient for them to do so. Ultimately, this has been shown to increase productivity! An IT support provider in Milwaukee can help you apply such a measure and save you the cost not only of rental space, also of associated devices. You can have employees source them on their own, or you may even look into one of the most cutting-edge outsourcing solutions, such as Device as a Service (DaaS). While not yet available, this is on the horizon and will allow you to “rent” end-user devices for cloud use.

Comprehensive Cost Reduction

IT support in Milwaukee through Risetech Partners can help you experience the same level of tech service while reducing your operational expenses. Contact us now to see what kind of outsourced technology solutions will most effectively serve your business.