IT Support in Milwaukee Can Help You Establish SSL Security to Increase Online Visibility

IT support MilwaukeeOutfoxing the Hackers

IT support companies in Milwaukee will increasingly feature new security options, because online security is always changing. “HTTP” is what begins most URLs, right? Or… HTTPS. Have you ever wondered what that “S” is? Well, that “S” at the end signifies that SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) has secured a given site. Basically, what this does is secure data input and transition between computers.

Normally, on an HTTP site, when you enter information into a form, it’s available for the taking between your entry and that information’s arrival to the hosting destination of the insecure site. There are different terms for this type of data theft; some cybercriminals call it a “man-in-the-middle” attack— and that’s illustrative.

If your website isn’t secure, you’re leaving client data open to such attacks and it can reflect poorly on business. You can test the security of your own site here. If you find you don’t have SSL certification, it may be time to go about acquiring it and you can check with an MSP providing IT support in Milwaukee for details.

Buying Cycles

This is especially considerable in reference to buying cycles. For example, when many businesses have economic bump. Sales generally increase and it’s the perfect time to aim online advertisement campaigns at receptive markets. But it’s also the perfect time for hackers to find bottlenecks where credit cards are processed on insecure sites and steal that information. When you’ve got an instance of high-volume sales on the horizon, it just makes sense to secure your selling apparatus as best you can. SSL can do that.

There are some additional advantages to this provision as well. Google has begun to rank sites higher in terms of SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Pages) based on whether an SSL certificate has been acquired or not. This means that you’ll not only provide greater security in your digital business, but you’ll also give yourself a slight marketing boost through algorithm collusion. Your business is now more relevant to the programs listing results in a given search engine, so it’ll be more visible to prospective clients.

Acquiring SSL Protection

There are a number of ways to go about applying SSL certification solutions to your business’s website. One way some business owners do it is to get a free certification and renew it every 90 days. But that may not cover every industry. Different industries require different security protections— this is especially true when it comes to law and finances. Sometimes, your best bet is going to be consulting a tech agency.

One organization providing IT support in Milwaukee is Risetech Partners. The holiday season is just around the corner and you want your business to be protected from cybercriminal exploitation. Please contact us to:

  • Learn more about SSL
  • Figure out business necessities in the acquisition of SSL
  • Optimize and secure your business in other operational areas

Technology is always transitioning, and you need to be ahead of it to remain competitive. We can help you stay the course.