IT Support Can Help You Know the Cybercriminal Enemies

IT support has a built-in prerogative designed around providing the latest technology services for clients. The right MSP will always provide cutting-edge services because they are seeking to be the most competitively viable solution in a given region. They must remain up-to-date on cybercriminal threats as they develop. Since technology is in continuous transition, there will always be new cybercriminal threats— but there is some commonality between them that is worth considering. There will always be several classes of “hacker” that can help you define your defensive strategies. Four primary hacker categories worth considering include:

  • The Juvenile Hacker
  • Corporately Employed Hackers
  • Those Who Hack for the Military
  • Cybercriminal Hackers

The Juvenile Hacker

The juvenile hacker is a young person with an aptitude for computers who has targeted your business for one reason or another. There are a lot of pranks that juvenile hackers play. Generally, they’re not in it for the money. Almost any rule will certainly have exceptions somewhere down the line. However, with juvenile hackers, you should generally expect that they’re trying to cause mayhem rather than actually damage your business. Still, some of the mayhem they cause can be exceptionally damaging. You need to safeguard all potential vulnerability points and proactively monitor operations to protect yourself from this hacker. IT support in Milwaukee can be fundamental in this.

Corporately Employed Hackers

Corporate hackers are more suave and debonair in digital terms. They’re not trying to be noticed. They’re trying to siphon your information to give their employers an advantage. If you catch and trace them, the corporation who hired them will deny any responsibility. Such hackers are often paid “off the books” and they wouldn’t be hired if they weren’t good at what they do. Spyware is likely to be installed through successful hacks from corporate hackers. Third-party apps can make this happen. Spurious websites can, as well, and exceptionally sneaky phishing emails may likewise be a culprit. You need proactive monitoring here, along with support, anti-spyware software and employee education to help them avoid being roped in by some corporate hacker’s scam email.

Those Hacking for the Military

Remember WannaCry? The ransomware worm that affected 150+ countries globally? It turns out that this exploitative virus emanated from North Korea. Technically, it was a military hack. Ransomware itself is famous for using military-grade encryption protocols. Global intelligence agencies must often keep an eye on certain corporations for certain reasons that may or may not be in that corporation’s best interests. Military hacks are some of the most pernicious out there, but they are hampered by military bureaucracy— thankfully. That said, you need to be “on your toes.” Patch software prevented many businesses from being undermined by WannaCry. The right MSP will provide patches.

Cybercriminal Hackers

These are the most common out there, and they may have characteristics of the other three categories listed earlier. Basically, they’re in it for the money and they’ll go after any mode of acquiring it that they can. Requisite support is needed.

Securing Operations

IT support in Milwaukee through Risetech Partners can help safeguard your business against juvenile, corporate, military, and cybercriminal hackers. Contact us for comprehensive support, including proactive monitoring.