The Importance of IT Support in Milwaukee Regarding Cyber Security

IT support MilwaukeeCyber Security Needs

IT support in Milwaukee are becoming necessary for more businesses as technology expands. There are a number of reasons for this— one is simply the natural progression of information technology (IT). The greater the benefits of the tech solution, the greater the possible vulnerabilities. You can’t hack a physical calculator remotely, but if it’s a calculator on a smartphone, you can. While the on-phone calculator is much more convenient to work with than the physical, single-purpose device, part of its convenience opens the application up to being exploited.

However, the good news is as new innovations arise, cyber security innovations quickly strengthen vulnerable areas and discover where unknown entry points exist. In many cases, this is done proactively. A penetration test is where an IT professional breaks into a business’s network to determine vulnerabilities and help safeguard against them.

An MSP that works with many clients and has opportunities to conduct such tests will be well-rounded enough to effectively cauterize obvious vulnerabilities from the outset.

Considerable Security Tactics

That said, there are some ways you can go about safeguarding your business against penetration. Several suggestions include:

  • Increased password protection protocols
  • Put protocols in writing
  • Upgrade existing security software
  • Ensure hardware is properly up-to-date
  • Ensure online selling and buying avenues are secure
  • Limit data access
  • Institute backup and data recovery solutions

Passwords are your first line of defense. IT support providers in Milwaukee can help you manage passwords and design them effectively. At the minimum, you want eight characters, a number, a capital, and a special symbol, but you can’t be predictable about it. For example, “Pa$$word!” fits the bill and even adds an additional character. But it’s not effective because it’s easy to crack with a minimum of effort and a dash of experience. A better password would be something like “Kjin28j&.” And you want to change that password at least once a month. When you’ve got multiple systems that require password access, you may need to get professional management assistance.

Additionally, employees need to know what they can and cannot do in terms of security. One of the best ways to do this is to put it in writing throughout a given workspace. Also, conducting training courses in IT or bringing in a professional security educator are just a few possibilities.

Look at your software in terms of security. How up-to-date is it? Tech is always changing, and you need to have the latest security in place. This is true in terms of hardware as well.

Look at how assets are transferred online and make sure the highest quotients of security silhouette these essential transactions. Professional assistance is paramount here. You want to limit access to finances except to those who absolutely need it. The same is true with data— institute IT access on a “need-to-know basis.”

Lastly, you want a BDR (backup and data recovery) solution. Files should be continuously backed up, and recovery solutions should include the barest minimum of associated downtime.

Security Support

IT support in Milwaukee through Risetech Partners can help optimize your operation in terms of security. Contact us to safeguard your systems against increasing cyber security threats.