How to Prioritize Your Technology Gaps

How to Prioritize Your Technology Gaps

In the fast-paced world of technology-driven businesses, facing challenges such as cyber threats, intense competition, and regulatory compliance is inevitable. At Risetech Partners, we understand the critical importance of keeping your technology infrastructure up to date. Our approach begins with a comprehensive technology audit, serving as the cornerstone for addressing the multifaceted issues your organization may encounter.

Unraveling Technological Gaps

  • A technology audit is your gateway to better understanding and pinpointing gaps in your organization’s security, compliance, and backup strategies. To navigate through the complexity, we address key questions:
  • Is your current IT infrastructure vulnerable or lacking in specific areas?
  • Are there unnecessary tools or processes misaligned with your goals and vision?
  • Are you compliant with regulations, equipped to defend against security threats, and capable of restoring business capabilities in case of a system outage or data breach?
  • What steps can be taken to address the vulnerabilities uncovered?

Simplifying Complexity

For those without an IT background, the results of a technology audit can be overwhelming. The stoplight approach, a method we recommend, simplifies the categorization of gaps or vulnerabilities into red, yellow, and green based on severity.

RED: Tackling the Highest Risks First

Prioritization is key to preventing and managing mishaps. Focus attention and resources on the most pressing issues, such as severe infrastructure vulnerabilities. For instance, if facing a ransomware attack, addressing the issue takes precedence over less critical updates like Microsoft 365.

High-priority RED vulnerabilities include:

  • Non-functional backups
  • Unauthorized network users
  • Login attempts and successful logins by unauthorized users
  • Unsecured remote connectivity
  • Lack of documented operating procedures

YELLOW: Addressing Non-Urgent Gaps

Medium-priority gaps can wait until the most critical issues are resolved. Consider these gaps when planning and budgeting for future technology updates.

YELLOW vulnerabilities include:

  • Insufficient multifactor authentication
  • Automated patching system failure
  • Outdated antivirus software
  • Failure to enable account lockout for some computers

GREEN: Gradually Addressing Non-Critical Suggestions

Lowest-priority vulnerabilities can be addressed gradually after fixing high- and medium-priority issues. This approach is cost-effective and ensures systematic closure of gaps.

GREEN vulnerabilities include:

  • Accounts with passwords set to “never expire”
  • Computers with operating systems nearing the end of extended support
  • Persistent issues with on-premises syncing
  • Excessive administrative access

The Importance of Prioritizing

Prioritizing gaps ensures efficient budget allocation and prevents unnecessary spending on less critical issues. This approach also maintains uptime by addressing gaps before refreshing the entire IT infrastructure, preventing disruptions to productivity and customer service.

Not sure where to begin? Risetech Partners, your trusted Managed Services Provider (MSP), can help you prioritize technology gaps for optimal technology investment, ensuring uninterrupted productivity. Contact us for a free consultation.

Additionally, download our insightful infographic, “Prioritize Technology Gaps to Bridge” by clicking the link below.