IT Support: Cybersecurity Solutions for Higher Education Institutions

IT support providers in Milwaukee offer solutions for better IT security for higher education institutions, as they notice that cybersecurity is their top-ranking challenge. The large amount of data on students, visitors, and service providers in the school community are at risk from hackers.
The unique IT challenges facing the higher education sector include:

  • Decentralized IT and information management systems – This involves different IT policies across departments without a common framework for security enforcement.
  • Inadequate resources – The funds available for information security are insufficient as budget priorities focus on administrative tasks at the expense of security enforcement.
  • Freedom of information – The academic culture supports freedom of information, which dictates the use of open networks. Such networks are prone to unauthorized access and malware due to poor security levels.
  • Unchecked BYOD environment – Campuses feature large networks of personal devices, which are susceptible to data breaches; hence a risk to the entire school network.

Taking a corrective action to remedy these challenges will help secure your organization. Here are additional measures for minimizing cybersecurity risks in higher education institutions:

Security Awareness Campaigns

IT support providers in Milwaukee rank human error as the weak link that facilitates hacking successful hacking attempts. In fact, most data breaches are a result of human errors, such as unintended disclosure of sensitive information by following links from phishing attacks. Security awareness training brings knowledge to your organization for the enforcement of best practices to enhance security by limiting human error.

Monitoring Software

Monitoring software can help you keep tabs on the behavior of network users and identify security vulnerabilities. Employee computer monitoring is efficient in threat detection and meeting IT compliance requirements. With monitoring software, all events in your IT systems can be reviewed on a single dashboard highlighting the specifics on users’ sessions, keystrokes, as well as active applications. This information allows you to investigate risks and detect suspicious incidents like unauthorized access and the use of network resources.
A monitoring system can also help you prevent system changes, such as the installation of malware or spy tools on your IT systems, by the use of an inbuilt authentication tool. As a result, you will be able to contain threats and secure your IT environment.
Taking proactive measures to secure your organization’s systems is necessary to defend institutions against cyber attacks. At Technology Resource Advisors Inc., we offer IT support in Milwaukee to help institutions secure their IT assets. Contact us now to learn more.