Cybersecurity: Protection to Keep Working

Cybersecurity Protection to Keep Working

You’ve worked hard to take your business to where it is now, and you should be proud of it. But are you taking the necessary steps to protect both your own and your clients’ sensitive data? According to Gartner, 52 percent of businesses end up shuttering in the wake of a cyberattack. This may seem like a daunting threat, but your company isn’t alone when it comes to avoiding this statistic. With managed security services, you allow a dedicated team to take on your cybersecurity battle so you can focus on the core tenets of your business. In this blog, we’ll explore the threats to your cybersecurity, and how managed security services can help keep you safe.

Cyberthreats on the Rise

Cybersecurity covers a wide range of factors, from the different types of attacks to the countermeasures used to combat them. Cybercriminals are getting smarter, and their tactics are becoming more calculated. They hyper-target their attacks to exploit every weakness they can in their game of information superhighway robbery. According to recent research, ransomware attacks have grown by a staggering 700 percent since 2016.

Managed security services are like an advanced defense system designed with cybercriminals’ old tricks in mind but are also on top of their new ones. These services are customizable to fit your company’s exact needs and budget.

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The Secret is in the Service

Every business has to come to terms with the fact that cybersecurity is a full-time job. Managed security services are just as wide-ranging as the cyberattacks they aim to mitigate, but they can be broken down into two main categories. These include:

  • Bolstering your defenses
  • Preparing your company for an attack

Bolstering Your Defenses

Reinforcing your cybersecurity efforts begins with managed security services. They’ll build up your defenses with actions such as deploying firewalls. These firewalls block known malware and ransomware threats, and also carry out regular vulnerability scanning that locates potential risks to your organization. These services can also make sure your software stays up to date with all the current security patches, software and toolsets from your provider. If there are any nonessential or unused services, managed security services can help eliminate them. These could become a back door that allows malware to infiltrate your systems.

Preparing for an Attack

Managed security services are also an excellent resource for boosting your employees’ cybersecurity skills. Your managed security services provider will educate every member of your organization on how to spot common tricks and help your team remain vigilant when opening attachments, clicking on links and responding to legitimate senders. Managed security support can also help you restrict who has access to specific, sensitive areas of your data network by setting administrator privileges to only those who need it. Your security solution provider can set up and maintain an active cloud backup for your systems in the event data becomes compromised or lost. This allows you to restore your files and get back to work with ease. Lastly, they can protect all that you and your employees do with a multi-layer, multi-factor authentication process.

An Investment in Your Future

Managed security services are an investment, not an expense. This is a golden rule for any modern company. Every business deal you make and every cent you project yourself to make for the fiscal year means nothing if your data network is compromised. It would be best if you always aimed to have your security standards set above the goals you set for yourself for the sake of your customers and the very survival of your company. You depend on your tech to run safely and efficiently, without a second thought. This means not letting it become a trapdoor to your downfall.

How Risetech Can Help

Managed security services become your company’s fortress, so you’re always ready for what comes next. Risetech Partners is a Milwaukee-based IT services company with the expertise to help your business bounce back from any cyberattack. Our experienced team will provide the managed security services you need to keep working towards tomorrow.

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