3 Ways Tech Support Can Help You Prevent Security Breaches

Security breaches are a top concern in today’s work environment, but partnering with a Milwaukee tech support company can help you avoid being the next victim. According to current statistics, organizations experienced over 1,200 data breaches last year, resulting in over 174 million records being compromised. However, you can avoid being impacted by a breach through a partnership with an IT provider focused on cybersecurity practices. Today, we’re outlining three key ways an IT provider can keep your business safe against the ever-growing number of cyber threats:

1. Next-Gen Firewalls

The use of next-gen firewalls not only benefits network security, but can also provide deep packet inspection, application awareness, and intrusion prevention. This proactive approach enables businesses to stay prepared for any situation and avoid suffering a devastating cyberattack. An IT provider will continually monitor your network at all times, and a next-gen firewall is an extra layer of protection against the ongoing evolution of cyber threats.

2. Data Leakage Prevention Software

Businesses are increasingly storing a countless number of confidential files on offsite servers, and a Milwaukee tech support company can provide software to prevent unauthorized users from accessing this critical data. This groundbreaking technology enables an IT provider to establish certain rules and criteria for accessing confidential information. Ultimately, this state-of-the-art protection prevents data from falling into the hands of cybercriminals.

3. Forensic Technology

Another added benefit of using a managed service provider is that it allows your business access to the latest forensic technology. An IT provider can analyze any suspicious activity and pinpoint security vulnerabilities with specialist tech ordinary companies can’t usually access. Instead of waiting for a security breach to occur, an IT provider will look for ways to minimize potential damage and help your company avoid countless hours of downtime through the use of forensic technology.
Security breaches are occurring at an all-time high, but using a Milwaukee tech support company can help you avoid the pitfalls of data loss. Technology Resource Advisors was founded in 2006 and focuses on helping local businesses, school districts, and non-profit organizations take advantage of the latest technology. We understand the wide variety of cyber threats, and it is our mission to keep your organization protected at all times. Technology will continue to evolve, so it is essential to stay up to date with cybersecurity practices. Interested in learning more? Contact us for additional information and begin a partnership with an IT provider focused on the unique needs of your organization.