IT Consulting in Milwaukee Can Help You Bring BYOD to Education

IT consulting MilwaukeeBYOD Isn’t Going Away

IT consulting firms in Milwaukee have helped many businesses adopt BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) strategies and it’s gotten to the point where education is even beginning to jump on the bandwagon. And it should! This can save a lot of money and time for higher and public education school districts. However, properly adopting BYOD for staff will involve certain challenges.

Security Strategies

For example, you’ve got to secure the devices on your network. However, all devices must retain network access when they are being used remotely. This often means they’ll log onto a variety of Wi-Fi sources that may or may not be legitimate. Your network will need to be secure enough that a remote login won’t compromise it. One way to do this is through visible MDM (Mobile Device Management). That is to say: an MSP manages devices in such a way that should anomalous activity characterize their operation, those devices can be isolated, digitally quarantined and even remotely wiped or rebooted.

Something else that can help in terms of security is multi-factor verification. Basically, a device is used to access the network sign-in page, a username or code is entered in, then a secondary code is sent to a mobile device. This secondary code is entered into another box on the primary device being used to access the network.

Cloud Considerations

Cloud computing solutions can reduce cost and complication for a BYOD solution, but you’ll want to ensure that this is the best possible choice for your educational system. IT consulting teams in Milwaukee are apt to advise you regarding best practices in this regard. If you’re a larger university with many students and an expanded budget, perhaps a high-speed network internally sourced may be the best bet. If you’re a small elementary school, cloud computing may be the best option. It will, in large part, depend on the kind of educational facility that is considering a leap to BYOD.

The Reality of the Situation

One thing is for sure: most schools don’t have enough technology firepower in their internal IT department to properly manage a BYOD paradigm that incorporates multiple devices. What makes sense is to contact a consulting agency and have them help you determine which choices are best in terms of cloud computing and BYOD solutions for your educational facility.

Employing BYOD in Education

IT consulting in Milwaukee through Risetech Partners can help you upgrade your educational technology to the realm of BYOD. Contact us to see which BYOD options are best for you, how to properly secure them and how to properly support them amidst multiple users.